Before the seams burst

Before the seams burst

It has to be: goodbye, old office

It happened: We grew too big. In the past we saved ourselves by reducing the existing office community and – when that didn’t help – we rented the office next door. But now this leeway is gone. The newest employees had to confine themselves to find a spot to work.

moving into a new office

Creativity was in demand. But it also has limits – so we’ll move!

On one hand we are delighted, because it’s a sign of how prosperous we have been in the last years. But we also leave with heavy hearts: Being near Belvedere and Hauptbahnhof, the view into the park of an embassy, … Over the years we had learned to love many things about this location. Especially since we founded the company JoinVision here.

The decision of our search was not made lightly. Because, if we need a new office, it not only had to be more spacious, but it also had to have some added value to make it easier for us to leave the old behind. Near Naschmarkt, one of the most legendary areas of Vienna, we found our new home. A whole floor in a calm side street, a green inner courtyard, beautiful parquet, two terraces, a shower (we have many bicyclists and runners in our midst), a perfectly furnished kitchen, an air-conditioned server room, … we earned it.

We will move in November. The first boxes are already packed and ready to go. Farewell, good old office

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