Job parser JOBolizer now with “Soft-Cutting”-Engine

Job parser JOBolizer now with “Soft-Cutting”-Engine

tickle even job ads

In Job parsing it has always been our aspiration to tickle even the last relevant information out of a job ad. Especially for that we developed a “Soft-Cutting”-Engine, allowing to dissolve the core out of its surroundings even better than before – without losing relevant information. The core is the goal. The effect is particularly notable with ads which are for example integrated as iFrame on a jobportal.

JOBolizer Lupe

Only with this engine we were able to improve the recognition of central job ad details. This includes:

  • job and subtitle
  • job sites
  • job description
  • requirements (types of education, fields of profession, skills, experiences)
  • conditions (salary, limitations of contract, position, type of contract)
  • company details (company name, name and title of the contact person, postal address, industry)
  • information such as: date of entry, reference number, date of publication

Last but not least: the semantic capture of relevant information in a job ad has made a severe qualitative leap with that.

You can test the new features and improvements of our job parser at any time. Anonymously and free of charge!

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