JoinVision’s keynote at Tamedia TX conference 2018

JoinVision’s keynote at Tamedia TX conference 2018

The Science of Ontologies

We are looking forward to it! At Tamedia's “technology exchange conference focused on engineering and technology” we, in this case our Head of R&D Bastian Preindl, will have the chance to talk about a topic, that we have been working on intensively: ontology.


Ontologies, linguistically collected and formally arranged displays of terminologies and their relationships with one another, play an increasingly decisive role in modern data science and in the processing of large data quantities. They are also a vital driver for the development of AI- and Big Data scenarios, particularly – but not exclusively – within the HR and Recruiting sector. Especially in this domain we are a leading provider of multi-language semantic recruiting technologies.

With our approach to a semantic ontology for the field of personnel recruiting we expect to beat all currently existing ontologies in that sector in terms of integrity and cognitive skills and thereby can bring text mining to the next level.

But our vision goes beyond that because the multi-language text mining engine is independent from the recruiting domain. Thus, it can also be used to create ontologies for sectors other then recruiting within a short period of time.

The conference offers the perfect platform to present our new ontology and its modules for the first time and to demonstrate how it can be applied for data mining, information retrieval and knowledge discovery.

For the development of this new ontology we used the latest methods of machine learning as well as the extensive experience, which JoinVision has gathered over the last decade in the area of semantic systems and computer linguistics. In contract to classic text mining systems our new framework is based on real language networks, which we developed together with computer linguists, whereby in the future we will be able to even better understand and compare HR documents such as job postings and CVs.

The newly developed knowledge base starts off with more than half a million concepts from the HR sector and can optimize and enhance itself dynamically and independently. With this the ontology automatically adapts to new technologies and trends and thus constantly wins size and knowledge.

As future core of all our semantic applications the new language framework and new ontology will revolutionize our product range by the end of this year and will pave the way for new innovations in the HR field.

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JoinVision is a leading provider of multilingual semantic recruiting technology. With the two parsers CVlizer and JOBolizer, applicant documents and job advertisements are automatically recorded, analyzed and coded. Modules, such as HRclassifier, HRcapture and HRmerger, expand the possibilities to have all information immediately available as a standardized, structured candidate or job profile in XML format. At the end of 2019 JoinVision took over the commercialization of Joveo, a US-based technology provider for programmatic job advertising, in the German-speaking countries.

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