Now it has happened once again!

Now it has happened once again!

JoinVision at JobCloud’s Kick-off Party 2018

Let’s admit it right from the start: the Babylonian confusion of tongues was once again omnipresent, but that came as no surprise (and was definitely a rather pleasant side effect), given the fact that representatives of a Vienna-based company were venturing into Swiss territory.

After Xmas Party JobCloud

Whenever that occurs, drastically different language worlds arise (please also watch - and listen (!) to - this video: oida!). It is charming, without doubt, when, at a late hour, people tend more and more to discard the richness of their own vocabulary and instead start speaking with „hands and feet“ (that being an unmistakable sign that the party mood is on!). In many cases, though, this is still the best way to get straight to the point (maybe to every point?)..

At the beginning, we were facing a déjà-vu situation: once again, a lot of highly impressive and definitely pleasing figures were presented, indicating positive expectations and optimistic outlooks. Feeling a little bit proud of what was accomplished by the whole Jobcloud family during the past year is simply “part of the game” of our annual gatherings. That is, indeed and without doubt, important. „We“, apparently referring to Bastian and myself, were finally also allowed to speak a little bit about JoinVision’s achievements and to show a little bit what we had been doing all along in 2017 and what we are planning for 2018. The obligatory video was also on the evening’s agenda, and nobody disapproved of it, at least to our knowledge. And so, the evening was drawing to an end, strictly speaking, the “serious” part of it.

No more talking about multi-lingual, semantic extraction, search and matching technologies, not a word about job markets, recruitment software and the identifying of the most suitable candidates. Instead, the joyful rest of the evening was dedicated to preparing ourselves for future endeavors by indulging in the culinary delights that were so generously offered to us. An aperitif to warm up was followed by an opulent „Fondue Chinoise“ with all the trimmings. And, as last year, we enjoyed the exquisite dishes although that also implied conquering new culinary shores. But this is something Austrians in general are most fond of doing.

Then the evening really started. What an awesome madness! Any details? Sorry! The new Data Protection Regulation does not allow that. At the risk of having to pay a penalty of up to 20 million Euro, I rather strongly adhere to the saying that “silence is an ornament”. Really, I do!

Anyway, „ Servas, griaßti, pfiati bis zum nächsten Mal", meaning “Hello, hi, good-bye and see you again at the Jobcloud event next year”. We are already - really already - looking forward to it with joyful anticipation! .

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JoinVision is a leading provider of multilingual semantic recruiting technology. With the two parsers CVlizer and JOBolizer, applicant documents and job advertisements are automatically recorded, analyzed and coded. Modules, such as HRclassifier, HRcapture and HRmerger, expand the possibilities to have all information immediately available as a standardized, structured candidate or job profile in XML format. At the end of 2019 JoinVision took over the commercialization of Joveo, a US-based technology provider for programmatic job advertising, in the German-speaking countries.

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