Press release with the topic: High-tech-Supporter for recruiters

Press release with the topic: High-tech-Supporter for recruiters


It is already over, the alpine ski world championship in Vail/Beaver Creek. A view to the medals table will have caused different reactions, depending on the nation one kept their thumbs pressed for.

 What we could see once more in the competition, also the participant’s equipment can decide on win or loss. Talent, „two boards, powdery snow,…“are not enough to stand on the top level of the victor’s rostrum.

Winners like Hirscher, Reichelt and Fenninger have the perfect surroundings. They are provided amongst other things with the perfect working tools, which take a big part in attaining the goal a couple of hundredths of a second faster than the competitors.

High-Tech-Support is also on demand for recruiters, because without perfect HR working tools personnel work is almost impossible in 2015. With CVlizer, JOBolizer and MatchPoint JoinVision has proven in the last years, how recruiting processes can be freed from back-breaking jobs with intelligent tools and therefore attain the goal faster.

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MatchPoint global now piles the fire up here. It enables search & match of applicant profiles & job ads in global data pools. A good reason to dedicate a press release to this topic.

Read the press release (in German) now.

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JoinVision is a premier supplier of multi-lingual, semantic recruiting technologies. CVlizer and JOBolizer automatically parse, analyze, and tag job postings and all documents used in job applications. MatchPoint provides a one-click solution for matching relevant job postings to the most suitable candidates and vice versa. The module HRbridge additionally offers the possibility to access external pools for vacancies and candidate profiles.

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