Two exhibitions, one result: „perfect“ is the new magic word

Two exhibitions, one result: „perfect“ is the new magic word

JoinVision at TALENTpro and Solutions Ressources Humaines

The exhibition TALENTpro in Munich (13. – 14.03.2019) confirmed for the second time, why it was brought to life: an exciting exhibition-format with festival-feeling and everything about recruiting: "Perfect"!

JoinVision at two Recruiting Fairs

The exhibition in Paris “Solutions Ressources Humaines” (19. – 21.03.2019) was uncharted territory for us. We have never been on an exhibition outside the DACH-area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). And we were positively surprised: „Perfect“!

In both cases we brought the focus to our CV-Parser CVlizer, who celebrated his 10-year-anniversary this year. The CVlizer is one of those digital solutions without which recruiting processes can no longer be managed efficiently. With its capabilities to extract data of the applicants, to analyse semantically and to provide the candidate’s profile in a structured manner, it covers the main aspects of a job application “perfect”ly. And this in view of the fact, that – according to the recent studies – over 70% of applicants cancel the application process because it takes too long. Which company can still afford to lose them?

Both the “perfect parsing” and the “perfect match” were two of the basic and crucial themes of both exhibitions. Both were close knitted with the roles of AI in these processes. There is no mistaking, that some recruiters still hold some doubt. We see the challenge brought to us: to convey, that the usage of AI in recruiting doesn’t – and never will– replace the human aspect, but that AI is a tool for the recruiter to be more efficient and non-discriminatory than without AI.

Just an example from another sector: which architect can afford to draw his designs and drafts with pencils and rulers on transparent paper when he could use AutoCAD? This is exactly what the digital tools in recruiting are accomplishing “perfect”ly.

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JoinVision is a leading provider of multilingual semantic recruiting technology. With the two parsers CVlizer and JOBolizer, applicant documents and job advertisements are automatically recorded, analyzed and coded. Modules, such as HRclassifier, HRcapture and HRmerger, expand the possibilities to have all information immediately available as a standardized, structured candidate or job profile in XML format. At the end of 2019 JoinVision took over the commercialization of Joveo, a US-based technology provider for programmatic job advertising, in the German-speaking countries.

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