winmail.dat-attachments for applications

winmail.dat-attachments for applications

CVlizer supports TNEF

Those unfortunate souls who don’t use Microsoft Outlook as a mailclient might know about this: The infamous "winmail.dat"-attachments, which appear from time to time in our inbox and with which you can do nothing most of the time. But what is this really?


"winmail.dat"-attachments (sometimes "ATT0000.dat") contain binary data which is coded in TNEF, the “Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format”. It is – who would have known – a proprietary format by Microsoft, who uses it as a data-format in mail attachments in Outlook and Exchange. If you want to read further about its few attractive details, read the following article:

If the transmitter and the receiver both use Microsoft’s products, it’s usually not a problem – the mails are being shown normally and the attachments can be viewed without problems. But it can get tricky, when the receiver works with a software that orients itself on open standards because then you usually have to install additional modules (if possible) or the original sender has to be asked to send it in another format.

Because our CVlizer processes the application-mails and their attachments automatically, manual queries are not an option – therefore we grappled the TNEF-format and now Microsoft’s attachments can be processed in its entirety. With this it’s clear, that every email from Microsoft’s universe, including “winmail.dat”-attachments, can be processed properly!

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