• We are celebrating 2 years of Joint Forces with Joveo


    Jo-Jo is the abbreviation of an already two year long relationship between us, JoinVision and Joveo, the US-based company, that is marking the dawn of a new era in recruiting with their Programmatic Job Advertising Platform. Their technology combined with our standing in the DACH region have been the perfect match since 2019.


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  • When the unthinkable becomes thinkable


    What was pure utopia for us before, has been reality for over a year now: working from home! A lot has happened in the last year and we all had to learn to come to terms with it. But what was the biggest challenge for our colleagues, what have they learned in quarantine and how much do they miss our office - we asked them!

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    Ray Singca

    We have been looking forward to this blog post! Since we're all currently stuck in the home office and it's hard to get to know new contacts, we'd like to shorten the waiting time a bit and introduce to you Ray. He has been part of the team for a couple of months, but it's already hard to imagine office life without him. He is our Customer Success Manager and always surprises us with new talents! :-)


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  • I Am Covid-Positive

    Chris Dorner

    First of all, this post of mine is the simplistic view of a sales person and not one of an academically educated epidemiologist or virologist. It is by no means a vote for lockdown or border closures. All of us, myself included, wish for only one thing: to leave Covid-19 behind as soon as possible.


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  • Virus, Lockdown and a Terrorist Attack

    in this together

    Vienna in particular is going through difficult times. The weeks from November 2nd will be remembered forever, especially for those of us who call Vienna their home. Initially there was the announcement of another, yet "soft" lockdown beginning November 3rd at midnight, including a curfew between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., then the terrorist attack in downtown Vienna on November 2nd deeply affected us all. Nobody expected it (BUT: “stronger than hate #vienna!”) And now, on top of that there will be another three-week total lockdown beginning November 17th at midnight.

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