• New Addition to JoinVision Management

    New Addition to JoinVision Management

    In April JoinVision’s management team welcomed a new addition! Chris Dorner is taking the reins together with Wolfgang Gastager and will oversee our Sales and Customer Success teams. Now, with not one but two highly qualified Managing Directors JoinVision can rely on an even stronger leadership in the times ahead.

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  • COVID-19: Sticking together by staying apart

    COVID-19: Sticking together by staying apart

    It is very important to us to make our contribution to society in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. In order to comply with local regulations and to minimize direct personal contacts, our team has been working from home since the beginning of last week.

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  • Before the seams burst

    moving into a new office

    It happened: We grew too big. In the past we saved ourselves by reducing the existing office community and – when that didn’t help – we rented the office next door. But now this leeway is gone. The newest employees had to confine themselves to find a spot to work.

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  • Now it has happened once again!

    After Xmas Party JobCloud

    Let’s admit it right from the start: the Babylonian confusion of tongues was once again omnipresent, but that came as no surprise (and was definitely a rather pleasant side effect), given the fact that representatives of a Vienna-based company were venturing into Swiss territory.

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