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We offer job portals respecitvely apps for job and candidate search a manifold of options for increasing their portfolio and attractivity for both applicants and job offerers. By integrating our semantic parsing, searching and matching technologies we enable the easy import and publication of candidate profiles and job offers. Moreover, candidates find suitable jobs and companies suitable candidates in a significantly less amount of time.

Our solutions provide:

  • Increased customer satisfaction (of both offeres and applicants)
  • Candidate profile creation with only one click
  • Dramatically faster import of job ads
  • Higher categorization granularity of job offers
  • Improved accuracy when searching for candidates
  • Higher quality of search and matching results


What we offer:

  • CV upload including CV parsing
  • Job offer analysis with job parsing
  • Semantic search for application profiles
  • Semantic search for job offers
  • Semantic search for candidate profiles
  • Internal search for job offers fitting a given candidate profile
  • External search for job offers fitting a given candidate profile
  • Search for an internal candidate profile fitting a given job offer
  • Search for candidates in external sources like Google and social media platforms


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JoinVision is a premier supplier of multi-lingual, semantic recruiting technologies. CVlizer and JOBolizer automatically parse, analyze, and tag job postings and all documents used in job applications. MatchPoint provides a one-click solution for matching relevant job postings to the most suitable candidates and vice versa. The module HRbridge additionally offers the possibility to access external pools for vacancies and candidate profiles.

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